We have partnered with Charles River to offer our 3D Tumor Model platform for drug screening services.

Partnership Resources

Partner Launch

Cypre and Charles River announce their strategic partnership to leverage Cypre’s 3D Tumor Model Platform with CRL’s genomically annotated and extensively characterized PDX Tumor Model Compendium.

Featured Story

Our collaborators at Charles River have launched the joint service offering through their website, combining the CRL Tumor Model Compendium (PDX in vitro, ex vivo, cell lines) with Cypre’s 3D Tumor Model Platform to deliver translationally relevant 3D assays for cancer drug discovery.

Eureka Blog Post

Our collaborator at Charles River, Julia Schüler, PhD DVM wrote a blog post titled Finally, Reliable Drug Screening Platforms for Lung Cancer Biomarkers, discussing the impact of 3D Tumor Models in screening patient-derived NSCLC tumors.

Eureka Blog Post

Our collaborator at Charles River, Julia Schüler, PhD DVM, wrote a blog post with her colleague Elizabeth Anderson, PhD titled “Better In Vitro Cancer Models for Better Cancer Drugs” discussing Cypre’s Platform and its role in assaying the tumor microenvironment.

CRL Podcast

Charles River’s Chief Scientific Officer, Ian Waddell, PhD, sat down with Elizabeth Anderson, PhD, CRL’s Scientific Director of Oncology in a Vital Science™ Podcast hosted by Gina Mullane, Chief Marketing Officer, called “In Vitro 3D Models: A Blueprint for Drug Development”.

CRL Eureka Blog: The Trifecta of 3D Cancer Models

Charles River’s Oncology Therapeutic leader, Julia Schüler, writes about the impact of the Cypre 3D tumor platform in assaying the tumor microenvironment, stating ”We now have a platform for robust and repeatable screening using high-content image analysis. The hope is that this will rapidly identify a pipeline of effective therapies that hold up in the clinic and make it to patients.”