News & Events

Q1 2023 Press Release

Charles River launches press release ahead of AACR for its end-to-end Oncology Discovery capabilities, with the Cypre platform featured as a critical step for in vitro pharmacology and drug screening prior to IND.

Q2 2023 Press Release

Cypre announces its 3D in vitro tumor models services and landmark publication detailing the platform for screening targeted and immunotherapy compounds and assessing novel immuno-modulatory insights.

Eureka Blog Post

November 30, 2023: Cypre Founder and CEO, Kolin Hribar, PhD, is interviewed by the Eureka Blog to discuss revolutionizing oncology drug development with translationally relevant 3D tumor models.

2021 AACR Poster

Cypre presented a joint poster with Charles River at AACR titled “3184 - 3D in vitro tumor model platform for screening patient-derived NSCLC, CRC, and RCC tumors with targeted therapy and immunotherapy”, highlighting the 3D Tumor Model Platform in screening PDX models with both small molecules and antibodies.

2022 AACR Poster

Cypre presented a joint poster with Charles River at AACR titled “#1880 - High throughput screening of 30 PDX cell lines in a 3D ECM hydrogel platform, incorporating tumor, stroma and immune components to demonstrate simultaneous investigation of multiple anti-tumor modalities”, highlighting the 3D Tumor Model Platform in screening 30 PDX models simulatenously with both small molecules and antibodies.

2022 SITC Posters

Cypre presents posters at the Society for Immunotherapy Conference (SITC) titled “#299 3D in vitro Tumor microenvironment models for screening CAR-T cell therapy efficacy.” , “#1447 A 30 PDX Panel of 3D in vitro tumor models identifies responders”

2024 AACR Poster

Cypre is proud to present our poster with our partners at CRL titled “Automated 42 PDX 3D in vitro tumor models of the TME screen immuno-oncology and targeted compounds and biologics for antitumor effects and MOA” on Tuesday, April 9th at 9am-noon in Section 28 (Poster 23, Abstract 4703). The Poster will be available after the conference.

January 8th, 2022

Cypre and Charles River announce the launch of the Cypre 30 PDX Panel for high-content screening of targeted and immunotherapy.

November 4th, 2021

Cypre participates in Endpoints Webinar sponsored by Charles River titled “Changing the game: An examination of cutting-edge novel oncology screening tools.”

November 10th, 2021

Cypre and Charles River present poster #943 at the society of immunotherapy conference (sitc): “3D in vitro tumor model platform rapidly assays immunotherapy efficacy with high content imaging and downstream phenotypic changes with flow cytometry and cytokine analysis.”

May 12, 2021

Cypre presents at the SelectScience® Virtual Cancer and Immunology Research Summit 2021 with Charles River highlighting our 3d tumor model platform for PDX in vitro modeling and cancer drug screening. View summit.

April 13, 2021

Cypre presents webinar with Charles River highlighting the synergy of our platform with pdx models for anticancer and immunotherapy drug screening. Watch webinar.

April 10, 2021

Cypre presents poster #3184 with Charles River at the AACR Annual Meeting 2021. View poster.

January 28, 2021

Cypre announces strategic partnership with Charles River for oncology and immuno-oncology drug discovery screening services. View press release.

September 2020

Cypre initiates validation on additional patient-derived solid tumors with its 3D tumor model platform.

March, 2020

Cypre validates its 3D tumor model platform with patient-derived NSCLC for immunotherapy screening.

July, 2019

Cypre completes several additional pilots with top pharmaceuticals, biotechs and drug discovery providers.

April, 2019

Cypre presents data in an oral mini-symposium presentation at AACR 2019 in collaboration with Genentech. View abstract.

February, 2019

Cypre presents poster at SLAS showcasing synergy of 3D hydrogel technology with high content analysis in collaboration with Molecular Devices.

January, 2019

Cypre 3D Hydrogel Technology short-listed as one of The Top Drug Discovery Tools of 2018 by SelectScience.

January, 2019

Cypre publishes peer-reviewed manuscript in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics in collaboration with Cedars Sinai Medical Center, demonstrating ex vivo growth and drug assays using patient-derived tumors. View abstract.

January, 2018

Cypre invited to speak at Hanson-Wade’s Tumor Models San Francisco Conference. View event.

February, 2017

Cypre receives seed funding.

April, 2016

Cypre and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center sign collaboration agreement to assay patient tumors with drug compounds in Cypre 3D Platform.

January, 2016

Cypre founded and joins MBC BioLabs (formerly QB3@953), San Francisco’s premier biotech incubator.